About Natasha Gabrielle Lee.

Natasha Gabrielle Lee and Bikini Bites are based in New York City. www.ngl.nyc is our URL.
Natasha grew up in the fashion industry watching her mom work to change antiquated methods around fitting clothing, and making and selling clothes. Natasha was mentioned in a cover story in Wall Street Journal when she was 11, having created a key component of her mom’s fashion technology. She also created The Little BlackPant with Fitlogic to prove the Fitlogic technology out. The company sold $10M in it’s first year and women raved about finding pants that fit.

She was always creative, making and selling her new product  ideas as early as middle school. Born in Texas, she lived in New York City and Malibu with her mom off and on. She’s studied at a magnet school for writers and artists, and FIT for Fashion Design in New York City, as well as a Media Arts and Technology academy in Dallas. 

Bikini Bites is Natasha’s ingenious Summer collection, intended to help attract a database of young women who will appreciate her unique mind and somewhat rebellious nature.